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IF you are not a Club member, you may not be aware that many of the funds that support grooming the trails at Chief Joseph Pass come from grants. Grants are often based upon the number of people who ski on the trails. Verification for the number of people skiing at the pass comes from the sign-in sheets kept at the trailhead. Visitor sign-ins are extremely important and support the ability of our Club to continue receiving funds from grants.

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Thursday, January 29th – Grooming Report

Temperatures at the Chief Joseph Ski Trial System are reaching 300 for an hour or two each afternoon and dropping into the teens at night.  This has been happening since last Saturday (24th).  Unfortunately such conditions cause problems for trail grooming.

The top layer of snow is turning to ice shortly after nightfall.  That makes it impossible to groom the next morning.  If and when the snow softens during mid- or late-afternoon, there is only a short window if time when grooming is possible.  So, until the trails receive another (substantial) snowfall, grooming is going to be sporadic.

Tracks which were set on the classic trials last Friday (23rd) are still in good shape; however, all the trails have been icy for most of each day since last Sunday (25th).  Given the weather forecast for the next few days, you should expect those conditions to remain until there is a change in the weather.

Metal-edged skis are usually recommended for skiing on ice.

Check back periodically for grooming updates.

Thursday, January 22nd Skate Ski Paradise

Because of the way the grooming schedule is working out this winter, most Thursdays should be a skating wonderland on the Chief Joseph Pass Ski Trail System.

The multi-use trails are consistently being groomed on Thursdays – grooming begins at 5:00 am and ends sometime in early-afternoon.

The classic trails have new tracks set on Friday mornings, so those trails are generally available for skating on Thursdays.  Classic skiers use these trails every day of the week, so if you’re using them for a Thursdays skate, be courteous.

Always check this website and our Facebook page for updates to weather and trail conditions.  Remember, the weather is always in charge and often causes trail conditions to change quickly and drastically.


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