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IF you are not a Club member, you may not be aware that many of the funds that support grooming the trails at Chief Joseph Pass come from grants. Grants are often based upon the number of people who ski on the trails. Verification for the number of people skiing at the pass comes from the sign-in sheets kept at the trailhead. Visitor sign-ins are extremely important and support the ability of our Club to continue receiving funds from grants.

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Sunday, November 29th

Today was the next to last day for skiing the Chief Joseph Pass classic trails with dogs. Tomorrow is the last. Tuesday, December 1st, is the first day of the “official” ski season at Chief Joseph Pass and dogs will no longer be allowed on the classic trails. However, they are always welcome on the multi-use and/or ungroomed trails.

Grooming plans for this week are: roll the classic trails on Thursday, and then use compactions-drags to level the trails a bit and set tracks on Friday morning.

Until the new PistenBully is available, supposedly later this week, the multi-use trails will not be groomed. Check back frequently for grooming updates.

Monday, November 23rd

Along with rolling the upper-level classic trails, the Joseph Creek Trail was compacted with rollers today.  Two sessions of rolling have established a good base on the upper trails.  More compaction of the lower trails will happen after more snow accumulates.

The upper trails are now in good condition for pre-season skiing.  Please remember that pre-season trail compaction is meant to establish a good base and does not leave the trails in a “pretty” condition.  “Pretty” comes later when the official ski season begins.

No more trail compaction (rolling) will happen this week.

The multi-use trails will not be groomed until the end of hunting season.

Please check back for up-to-date grooming reports.


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