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IF you are not a Club member, you may not be aware that many of the funds that support grooming the trails at Chief Joseph Pass come from grants. Grants are often based upon the number of people who ski on the trails. Verification for the number of people skiing at the pass comes from the sign-in sheets kept at the trailhead. Visitor sign-ins are extremely important and support the ability of our Club to continue receiving funds from grants.

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Saturday, December 13th

Snow is falling this morning at Chief Joseph Pass with accumulation of around 3” expected.

The classic trails will be groomed this morning and tracks set.  The lower trails classic trails,  which do not have enough snow depth, will not be groomed.

The multi-use trails will also be groomed today with the exception of Rabbit Run and the connector between the Gibbons Pass and the north end of the Overlook Trail, neither of which have enough snow depth for grooming.

Saturday, December 6th

Lost Trail’s PistenBully machine worked the multi-use trails early this morning.  However, due to inadequate snow cover, it proved impossible to groom Rabbit Run and the 3/4–mile connector between the turn-around close to the north end of the Overlook Trail and Gibbons Pass—Sunshine and Coyote Run are groomed and, Hogan Run was groomed from Gibbons Pass Road to its intersection with Trail Creek Road.

The PistenBully was not able to finish grooming Gibbon Pass Road and did not reach Trail Creek Road before the air temperatures got too high (the machine overheats if air temperatures are much above 32 degrees).

Until Gibbons Pass and Trail Creek Roads are groomed, the best way to reach Hogan Cabin is to leave the classic ski area from the north end of Broadway, ski east (turn right) on Gibbons Pass Road, turn left (north) onto the Overlook Trail, go right (east) on Sunshine, turn right (south) on Gibbons Pass Road, turn left (east) onto Hogan Run and proceed on the easy downhill to Hogan Cabin.

The upper classic trails are in great shape for skiing.


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