Grooming generally happens on thursdays or fridays, and may happen on weekends if needed. We will attempt to post updates here the day grooming happens.

Grooming report – Friday 12/8

The multi-use trails were groomed with the snowcat this morning, and saw minimal snow mobile traffic today. They should be great for skate skiing tomorrow morning. Except for sunshine, don’t ski sunshine. Our volunteer snowmobile grooming crew spent the day on the ski trails. All the upper trails have been groomed, and have tracks set. Joseph creek has been snowmobile packed, but does not have tracks and is still very soft. Use extreme caution. Middle Fork and Banshee have not yet been groomed. Tomorrow should be great classic skiing conditions on the ski trails. Many of the ski trails do not yet have enough snow to be groomed with the snowcat, but with one more storm we should be able to switch to snowcat grooming on all the trails.

Grooming Report 12/7

The multiuse trails were groomed with the snow cat this this morning, there was a good amount of snowmobile traffic after grooming, but they should still be good skiing. The ski trails are currently scheduled to be groomed with snowmobiles tomorrow(friday), but check back here for a grooming report before heading out this weekend.

Grooming report 12/01/17

Grooming report 12/01/17

Several inches of snow fell Tuesday and Thursday nights. Conditions were good for using the Leveler/compaction drags so we made many laps of the system today. We were able to get most of the upper trails well flattened and smoothed out. Still not perfect but getting better, set tracks on most of the trails, again not perfect but not bad for this time of year and the early season conditions and 8-12″ snowpack we’re dealing with. Skating conditions will be good until the next storm system arrives tomorrow (Sat.) night. Snow is still dirty in any area near the burnt slash piles but it’s getting better. Gibbons road out to about 4 miles has been groomed with the Pisten Bully and all of the connecting trails from Chief Joe to Gibbons road have been groomed. Lower trails still need more snow before we attempt to get the equipment down there. Not bad touring, just a few tricky water crossings. 2-5″ of snow predicted for Sat night and another 3-7″ predicted for Sunday night, base just keeps getting better. Please remember to sign in!!! Tony

Grooming report for 11/24/17

Several inches of snow fell since we packed it last week, last couple of days have been warm, followed by warm temps yesterday and a hard rain last night. Froze hard overnight, conditions were very unskiable when we got there this morning. Spent most of the day with the leveler compaction drags. We were able to get most of the main trails quite smooth given the conditions. It is still pre-season so we are just packing everything and not setting any tracks. There will be ruts, soft spots etc. due to the snow pack conditions so be aware and careful. Best not to rush right out in the morning, before 10:00 a.m. it will be quite firm and icy, best skiing will be around mid-day, by then it will be getting soft. Conditions for Skating are excellent, we worked hard on the Timber Trail and several others to get them as flat and smooth as we could. Some trails like Lost Trail View and Vista View are good but not quite as smooth, we stayed off of most of the Broadway trail due to ash and smoke from the slash piles, snow is quite dirty around the cabin right now. Cabin is not open yet, will be open starting Dec 1st. After Dec. 1st. Chief Joe will not be open to dogs or walking on the trails but you can ski with your dog now, just please clean up after them so we don’t smear it all over the trail with the grooming equipment. Andersen Mountain and all of the multi use trails will be open all winter for your pups! Tony

Ski season has begun!

Ski season has begun!

The trails received the first grooming of the season. All of the main trails, but not the lower trails or the multi use trails, were snowmobile groomed today, and all have complete snow coverage, but are still pretty soft. Timber trail received more grooming passes than the rest of the trails and will likely be firm enough for skate skiing tomorrow.
The USFS was burning slash piles left over from last years logging along Broadway today, and they will likely be smoking though the weekend. There is ash on some parts of broadway, so if your on good skis, you may want to avoid broadway until it snows again.
Reminder: The Gordon Reese Cabin is not yet open for the season, so don’t plan on going inside to warm up. But the porch is still a great place to eat lunch.

Pile burning along the trails

Starting this week, and through the end of November the forest service will be burning slash piles left over from last years logging project along some of the trails. For more information see this press release from the forest service.

Grooming Report 3/31/2017

Grooming report; 5+” of snow last night. Gave me lots to work with, Trails all came out nice today. Groomed everything except Middle fork and Lower Loop, it was cool and foggy all day but no new snow. No snow predicted overnight so it should be really good tomorrow, nice weather is predicted for most of the day. That was it for grooming this year, come up and enjoy it for the last time. Pond Skim over at LT begins at 2:30. Head over after skiing for a Burger and great humor watching the crazies try and make it over the pond. Tony

3/23/17 Grooming report

Spring conditions, need to time your skiing for the rest of the season between the ice & the slop or 11:00 to 3:00.
The crust cruising in the morning is really good right now!
Groomed the multi-use trails today, will be great skiing tomorrow.
Not grooming the Chief Joe till Sat.. With the firm conditions we are going to wait till the new snow expected on Friday night falls.
This will give us some better snow to work with, other wise if I groom it tomorrow it will be frozen corduroy with 3″ of wet snow on top of it. Should be really good conditions right after its groomed on Sat. Tony